Fri 5 Jan 2018

Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov’s follow-up to The Lesson (also a New Wave Films release) is a social parable about a humble man who gets unwillingly promoted, and ends up sacrificed.

Railway lin...

The Nile Hilton Incident
March 2nd 2018

In Cairo, weeks before the 2011 revolution, Police Detective Noredin is working in the infamous Kasr el-Nil Police Station when he is handed the case of a murdered singer.

Upon realizing the involvement of Egypt’s power elite in the case, Noredin slowly changes sides to those wh...

London Symphony (DVD)
12th February 2018

London Symphony is a modern day silent film - a city symphony - offering a poetic journey through the city of London. A cultural snapshot of London as it stands, and a celebration of the city's diversity.

With this wonderful black-and-white journey through the c...

The Death of Louis XIV (DVD, download)
20 November 2017

August 1715. After going for a walk, Louis XIV feels a pain in his leg. The next days, the king keeps fulfilling his duties and obligations, but his sleep is troubled and he has a serious fev...