Tehran: City of Love

11 October 2019

Three stories of love and yearning set in Tehran. Mina is a secretary in a beauty clinic who is struggling with her weight but is addicted to ice-cream. Leading a double life, she catfishes her male clientele over the phone with a seductive voice...

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6th September 2019

Claudio is a middle-aged lawyer with a prosperous life in a placid provincial town in mid-70ís Argentina, just before the military coup. One night he enters a restaurant where he is verbally attacked by a mysterious stranger, their argument continues on the street ...

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Nuri Bilge Ceylan The Complete Films (Blu-ray box set)

11 November

Nuri Bilge Ceylanís first feature, Kasaba, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 1998, but it was when his third feature, Uzak, won the Cannes Grand Prix in 2003 (as well as the Best Actor prize for the two leads) that he became more widely known. Since then in Cannes he has ...

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Ash is Purest White (DVD/Blu-ray/Download)

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Qiao (Zhao Tao) lives in a depressed mining town. Her boyfriend, Bin (Liao Fan), is a dashing gangster who works for a corrupt property developer. After his boss is murdered, Bin ascends in rank within the Jianghu (a criminal brotherhood) and finds himself vulnerable to ri...

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