Cinema Releases - Tehran: City of Love

Tehran: City of Love
11 October 2019

Three stories of love and yearning set in Tehran.

Mina is a secretary in a beauty clinic who is struggling with her weight but is addicted to ice-cream. Leading a double life, she catfishes her male clientele over the phone with a seductive voice, but she stands them up when they arrive to meet her on dates. Eventually she does meet a prospective partner, but things may not go smoothly.

Hessam is a three-time winner of bodybuilding competitions, who now trains affluent older men. He has also been cast in a film starring Louis Garrel, whom he is assured is the most famous of French actors, but whom neither he nor anyone else in Iran seems to know. However, he is willing to give up everything for a special new younger client.

Vahid is a funeral singer who has been dumped by his fiancée. He is urged to liven up his approach to life by trying a new career as a wedding singer. At one of these he meets the free spirited Niloufar, but is she a real long-term prospect?

BFI London Film Festival 2018

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

102 mins / in Farsi with English subtitles

Iran / UK / The Netherlands

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