Monday February 22nd 2010 Straub - Huillet DVD's
We're very pleased to announce that we will be releasing 3 films by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet on DVD in January 2010.
Other than an now out of print release by New Yorker Films of Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, none of their films have been available on DVD with English subtitles.
The double disc DVD will give some of the range of their career from Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach made in 1967 to Sicilia! (1998) and Une Visite au Louvre (2003).
It was because of Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach that the first distribution company run by Andi and Pam Engel, Politkino, came into being. From that start came eventually Artificial Eye in 1976, and now New Wave Films as of 2008. So we are doubly pleased that our first classic DVD release goes back to the distant origins of the company.
More details will be announced shortly. There is now a website containing many details of their work: - the site is only in French.

For more information on the three films,
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the beginning or the end of the text from Une Visite au Louvre annotated by Danièle Huillet.

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