Thursday November 26th 2009 Subtitle problems on DVDs

You have to actively choose to turn the subtitles on: every DVD player and DVD remote are a bit different, but the following instructions should work:

When the DVD is put into the player wait until the DVD menu is displayed.

Then using the right pointing arrow → key on the DVD remote click along until the І before the Subtitle line is highlighted.

Then press the central OK button which will change Subtitle ON to light blue rather than white.

Then using the left pointing arrow key ← click back to Play, and press OK again, and the film will play with the subtitles on rather than off.

You should do this on the menu - just pressing the subtitle key on the remote will not always work on every player.

For titles released from 2010 onwards this will change so that the DVD will play with the subtitles on, unless you choose to turn them off on the menu.

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