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Summer 1993
July 2018
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In the summer 1993, following the death of her parents, six year old Frida moves from Barcelona to a Catalan province to live with her aunt and uncle, who are now her new legal guardians. The country life is a challenge for Frida – time passes differently in her new home and the nature that surrounds her is mysterious and estranging. She now has a little sister whom she has to take care of, and has to deal with new feelings, such as jealousy. Often, Frida is naively convinced that running away would be the best solution to her problems. Yet, the family does what it can to achieve a fragile new balance and bring normality to their life. Occasional family outings to a local fiesta or a swimming pool, cooking or listening to jazz in the garden bring them moments of happiness. Slowly, Frida realizes that she is there to stay and has to adapt to the new environment. Before the season is over, she has to cope with her emotions and her parents have to learn to love her as their own daughter.

Winner Best First Feature Film and Generation KPlus Grand Prix International Jury -  Berlin Film Festival 2017
Summer 1993 was the   Spanish Oscar entry for 2018
Winner  'Best New Director', 'Best New Actress' and 'Best Supporting Actor'   Goya awards 2018
Winner 'Best Film' 'Best Director' 'Best Screenplay'  Gaudi awards 2018