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Summer 2024

In The Eco, a remote village in northern Mexico, life consists of the most elementary, basic things. Being a child/teen of labouring farmers here is an intense experience from day one, involving nature, animals and people. But also love, intimacy, illness and death. And education – at least for the younger generation.

Tatiana Huezo has made a name for herself as a sensitive and poetic documentarian and filmmaker Tempestad, Forum, 2016, Prayers for the Stolen and several shorts.

Accompanying three families in her new work, the notion of meandering becomes an informing principle as she brilliantly weaves a host of faces and gestures into a kaleidoscope of unpretentiousness. Subtly, she portrays the care-working matriarchy in a country notorious for its innumerable kidnappings of young women and girls.

A tender film that celebrates the grace of all animals and the children of this earth alike.

Encounters – Winner Best Director
Berlinale Documentary Award
Berlin Film Festival Encounters – Winner Best Director
Berlinale Documentary Award


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