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There Is No Evil
Dec 3rd 2021

Winner of the 2020 Berlin Golden Bear.

Every society that enforces the death penalty needs people to kill other people. Four men are faced with an unthinkable but simple choice. Whatever they decide, it will directly or indirectly corrode themselves, their relationships, and their entire lives. In four thematically connected episodes, Mohammad Rasoulof tells their stories, which inevitably are also the stories of the people who surround them.


40-year-old Heshmat is a kind and pleasant family man. He has a peaceful life with his wife and young daughter. He feels caught up in a daily routine. He makes enough money to support his family, but we see in his eyes that they are living with a secret.


Pouya has just begun his mandatory 2-year military service. With an honorable discharge, he will be able to apply for a passport and realize his dream of leaving Iran to live abroad with his girlfriend. After only one week of basic training, he is faced with a dilemma. He has a long night ahead of him; a night when Pouya must decide between his dreams or what he believes.


Javad is a young soldier who has been given three days leave from his base. He travels to be with Nana, his fiancée, for her birthday. He has brought a ring and plans to propose to her during the party. After arriving at Nana’s home, he learns that a death of a close family friend has caused them to cancel the celebration. The secret of this stranger’s death disrupts Javad and Nana’s lives.


A middle-aged couple, Bahram and Zaman, live in the countryside where they raise bees and are well liked and respected by their neighbours. Darya, at Bahram’s request and Zaman’s approval, goes to stay with them at their farm for a few days. Darya’s presence at Bahram and Zaman’s farm greatly alters their lives.

World Premiere Competition and Winner of the Golden Bear – Berlin International Film Festival

150 min/Germany/Czech Republic/Iran/Farsi with English subtitles/2020/Cert 15

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